Representation, Engagement, Democracy questionnaire: Kristine Acielo, Mayoral candidate

Kristine Acielo is running for the position of Mayor of Edmonton.

Facebook: Kristine Kristy Acielo
Twitter: @kristinekacielo

1. How do you envision citizen engagement in our city?
* This generic question is intended as an introduction, to make this questionnaire feel more complete.

Well with our social networking / social media, they can get a hold of me, via Facebook at Kristine Kristy Acielo, also with one on one conversations and interviews.

2. What should be changed about the way the City of Edmonton engages with citizens and/or involves the public in its projects? How will you bring about these changes?

Well again with our technology most definitely polls, and surveys, online to get the city more involved, as we are very busy, and don’t always have the time to get to the community hall events, or open houses.

3. How will you approach situations where citizens’ opinions on an issue differ from the stance taken by the City? In other words, how will you treat public opposition to City-led projects (may be labelled as “NIMBYism”)?

Does not matter what we do, as I’ve noticed there is always controversy to what any politician, or government is trying to do. That Is why I hope people will come out and vote so that we all come to a better understanding. If people don’t vote, than don’t complain. We should also open just a complaint line, for things in the city that are not looked after immediately, like bus service routes, and potholes, so we can fix the problems faster and more effectively!

4. When forced to face situations where your constituents’ opinions conflict with your own opinions on an issue that you’ll have to make a decision on, what will you do?

With me, it’s always a common ground, and well there’s always pro’s and con’s to each side, of course weigh out the risk and cost factor to many of my decisions.

5. What is your opinion towards letting citizens have a direct say on issues through referenda/plebiscites?
* Referenda/plebiscites can be called by City Council, or initiated by citizens through a petition.

That would be wonderful if people actually took the time, to do them, for the different projects, in and around the city, like the Municipal Airport they shouldn’t have sold!

6. How do you feel about letting voters be able to recall their representatives?
* I do know that this likely falls under provincial jurisdiction, namely the Local Authorities Election Act. But I still would like to hear your stance.

Well if they feel that a leader, of the government has done something wrong, why not! People it’s about strength in numbers, if you don’t speak up who will!

7. What message do you want to leave voters with, about this topic of democracy or otherwise?
* Feel free to leave a concluding statement and/or simply tell voters how they can contact you, etc.

I’ve always been one to volunteer my time, get to know the candidates and their platforms, and with our networks, and our elites, it is possible to do anything you wish without breaking the law of course. We are in a country where we have the freedom of liberty, speech and right, exercise your freedom folks, and say what is on your minds! We won’t know until you tell us. Start up groups, and work together to make a better change one day at a time.

For a brief preamble of this questionnaire, and a list of other candidates that have responded to this questionnaire, please see this page.

To voters: Get to know your candidates, then remember to vote on October 21, 2013!


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